by Mark - April 29, 2018


Forrest City Road Race in London, Ontario. 5K Start

Today was the Forrest City Road Race #FCRR that saw thousands of runners and volunteers brave the unseasonably cold weather to run a 5K, 10K or half-marathon starting and finishing in downtown London, Ontario.

Sure, running is a great form of exercise and a relatively cheap sport to get into. But why run and what’s this ‘runner’s high’ that people refer to? That euphoric feeling you get in the middle of a run when your feet feel like they are floating over the ground and you can almost hear the air dancing past you. Well, it turns out that they’ve done a lot of science  on this phenomenon and the happiness of running and biology plays a big part.

But there’s also something to be said for the community feeling and being part of an event where thousands of people have a shared experience. From the organizers who worked tirelessly to put on this successful event, to the hundreds of volunteers and of course to all the runners. There was a wonderful energy in the crisp April air this morning. There were running groups that had people out that were doing their first running event ever, whole families running together, and people that had traveled from all around Ontario to participate.

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